Beach and Boardwalk

In Uncategorized on September 4, 2011 at 1:59 pm

A day trip to Santa Cruz to bask in some rays.

First thing we did was find a beach to snooze on.

After sleeping and mowing down some sandwiches on the beach, we went to the incredible Santa Cruz Boardwalk. For comparison, I’d say it’s like Vancouver’s Playland except with free entrance, more food, more stuff to do, and a way sicker view (it’s right along the beach!). It’s the oldest surviving amusement park in California.

It was a total throwback too, to see arcade and midway games JUST like they used to have back in the day! (Is it just me, or does 1990 still only feel like 10 years ago?) Of course, we didn’t try to win any stuffed animals. I used to work as a carnival games attendant, so I know better…

Jason shows off some moves on the DDR machine like it’s 1998.

This crazy woman scared the bejeezus out of us as we were walking by. Apparently, she was supposed to DRAW IN visitors to funhouses?! No wonder so many children were afraid of dolls and clowns!

Haha, look at him go, you’d think it was his birthday or something =) Amidst the offerings of deep fried Twinkies, Dippin’ Dots, corn dogs, onion rings, and other health hazards, we settled on soft serve ice cream – it seemed least unhealthy at the time.

That was one of the best afternoons I’ve had all summer. We even got to pop into one of those old school black/white photo booths that I’ve always wanted to try! Sadly though, the gondola was closed. Still, we had a blast just walking around, checking things out, and people watching.

Thinking that there might be more to see in Santa Cruz, we drove around looking for them. But the only exciting thing around was… water.

While living in San Francisco, Jason had become a fanatical Yelp user. Apparently, Yelp runs the city and everyone just loves referring to Yelp reviews before placing their faith in any restaurant or establishment (including the DMV!). We were both fiending for ramen for dinner, so he Yelped up the best ramen place around. It was called Santouka and was located in a Japanese supermarket in San Jose. No problem. Off we went.

Worth the drive? Definitely. It was no Kintaro, but it was still heaven in bowl when we finally sat down to eat.

All in all, a very relaxing day. Seeing these photos makes me want to soak in some more sum-shines on my balcony and go to Kintaro for dinner now that I’m home. It’s Sunday, so I think I will do both!


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