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Eye candy

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Last week, when I was over at one of Jason’s friends’ home playing Mario Kart and GoldenEye 007, I was reintroduced to my complete ineptness at video games. Spatial navigation isn’t my forte; lack of bodily kinesthesia on top of that makes for a really dire situation for Grace in a maze trying to shoot find people. But also I was playing against three 24-year-old dudes, so… what chance did I have, really?

I haven’t watched many episodes of The Office, but this one I watched. Lol!

In the face of your fears, it never hurts to have…

May is detox month for me, and that means…

Speaking of tea, I’m faithfully drinking through my tin of Cream of Earl Grey (organic) from DAVIDsTEA, and am looking for my next tea. I’m thinking of working my way through their top sellers list. Have already also tried the Organic Japanese Sencha, but Buttered Rum sounds really tasty! (Especially for detox month.)


Summertime sole-searching

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United Nude is a design company co-founded by a Dutch architect and an English shoemaker. Disillusioned with fashion, not wanting to be yet another shoe brand or an architecture firm, United Nude is set on releasing specific, iconic products. Each product is accompanied by its own storybook to give you further insights into the origins of the product concept. From the sharing of emotions, reflected in the uniqueness of its products, United Nude exists.

Architectural shoes. That’s different. I snatched me a pair on Ebay a while ago and am finally getting to enjoy them in full force now. Loving the matte leather and loud colour. Also they look like candy, no?

United Nude. Super impressed by their heel-less pumps and Mobius heels as well. Thoughtful design in a shoe, I like it.

Death Star

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I have watched the new Star Wars movies.

I haven’t watched the old ones… UNTIL YESTERDAY! (I was ill; hot rooibos tea and A New Hope sounded like a pretty good idea.)

That is the sound of my mind being blown.

Did anyone else notice that the climactic scene in which the rebel fleet was sent to destroy the Death Star (more than slightly) resembled the fertilization of a female egg? Any takers? Just me?? I mean, only one pilot needs to penetrate the station’s defences to ensure the survival of the rebel base – come on!

Interesting fact: “vader” is Dutch for “father” and “darth” is a variation of “dark.” He’s not very mean though, is he? Darthy really needs to channel some of his Lord Voldemort ghastliness.

I also got this seriously cool ring, to commemorate the least-mean villain ever.

Annddd… here is the Death Star canteen, one of my favourite clips from my favourite comedian, Eddie Izzard =)
(Video was loaded by “JadePugetAFI” – namesake of one of my favourite alternative guitarists!)

The Universe

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TSO Photography

Puts things into perspective, no?

The things that keep me up at night now won’t one year from now.

And everyone is fighting a battle, but perhaps all our worries are small?

Spring 2011, Terry Richardson for Aldo

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From the looks of the date stamps, I have been MIA from the blog for over 3 months, an inexcusably epicfortfail of a long time.

But now I want to start again, and I’m going to write about Terry Richardson, the famed fashion photographer. His name is pretty big around town, but not without a reputation for notoriously nasty photo subjects and a bit of sexual exploitation controversy thrown in for kicks.

(As far as I’ve seen, he seems to ONLY rock flannel plaid like it ain’t nobody’s business, missus.)

So the accusations began around spring of last year, by a Danish model who publicly denounced Terry for sexually exploiting young women in search of their crack at fame by brandishing his camera, dropping some names, and seeing what comes of it. Which sounds terrible, even for the existing tarnished industry standards. And then some other models came out and shared similar boat-rocking stories about working with Terry. So now lots of people think he’s a pervert. One look at the kinds of photos he shoots would only edge you to believe it. And I bet that moustache doesn’t help. Well?

I can’t victim-blame, nor can I defend someone whose moral integrity is a matter that I’m just not fit to comment on. But one peek of his work (not the commercial stuff, but his studio shoots), and suffice to say, you’re probably not looking forward to a straight lace photo sesh. The man photographs himself having sex.

From an artistic standpoint, I’m not much of a fan of using graphic taboo to solicit emotional response. I find the construction of his photos a bit amateurish and totally predictable. His style of shooting is rampant on the Internet – but he has celebrity faces. He’s unarguably influential in the fashion industry. (Vogue, Gucci, Jimmy Choo.) In the art world? I’d bet not so much. Then again, navigating commercial photography is probably a bit of an art in itself.

And despite the controversy surrounding his M.O. (also blasted through Wall Street Journal, New York Post), ALDO recently signed him to shoot promos for their Spring 2011 line, Life’s A Beach. You’ve probably seen the ads at bus stops and such. I can’t decide what I think about this. I suppose it just is what it is.

Anyway, if you’d like to check out some of Terry Richardson’s tamer photos (I recommend, esp if you like famous people, and we all secretly do), check out Terry Richardson’s Diary. If you want to see the other stuff, just use Google.