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Fleeting inspirations

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Nothing like the rush of midterms to give my post frequency a boost it deserves.

Currently obsessing over…

Have been wearing it for the past 2 weeks straight and IT. DOES. NOT. CHIP. Except when I’m in the pool. But I’ve yet to meet a lacquer that could withstand the bite of water and chlorine. Not even those overrated acrylic gels stay put. If you find a polish that does, yours truly would like to hear about it.

The lady at the counter said that an additional Chanel base vernis would keep the polish on for at least 3 weeks. Lady, it would be hazardous for you to enter a pool with that much makeup on, so I wonder how you would know such a thing.

I love this colour (slightly darker than shown in image) because it is so close to the colour of my natural lips and it is quite subtle.

Resolutions update: for the most part, I have been disappointing myself.

In my own defence (against myself), 2 of my resolutions are more like bucket list items and one is impossible with my current course load. The other 4 are going relatively well, except for the water painting one. And I blame resolution #1 for my current eBay obsession. I’ll be expecting a lot of goodies in the mail soon =D

New tags from old events

I just love when new photos emerge from old events. My friends are I were ring girls for a “Tennis Pros and Respectable Female Athletes” party.

Because ring girls are athletes, right?? That’s what we thought, too.

Inspiring Photos

I love these

This is the attitude with which my friend Rhea drives her car.