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I hereby resolve…

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At the end of December, WordPress sent me a recap email of my 2010 blog stats.

Verdict? It was encouraging. AND THE BLOG LIVES ON!

…and continued from the title:

1) To try to avoid buying new things, and buying secondhand instead, whenever possible

To reduce the tremendous strain put on our planet.

This is going to be a very hard goal to keep since most retail areas of the city are scientifically designed to get you to buy things you don’t need, then pay to store them, and then pay to get rid of them. Making a purchase is associated with a good feeling, but it is fleeting. Most of the time, the only people who ultimately benefit from you buying something are the people who spend a lot of time trying to get you to buy something. Not you.

I would much rather spend money on good times (like food and drinks and trips) and products that are produced locally and responsibly. And when I need things, I’m sure many can be found outside of stores. People have perfectly good things that they don’t want anymore, all the time. It takes more effort to find, but a little effort never hurt anyone. To me, being a smart consumer means consuming less. I think this goal will make a little difference to my lifestyle and a big difference to my consumer habits and pocketbook!

I think the wallet has surpassed the ballot as the most powerful vote you have, here and now. Your politician may never hear your woes, but a company will if you stop buying their products. Where you choose to put your money is going to have a profound impact.

Also: Before you decide to buy a new laptop or ipod or tv while your current one is still working, watch this video about where your used electronics go and what information people can retrieve from them. This video was made by UBC journalism students and it won an Emmy. Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground. Is it worth it just to have the newest tech toy?

2) To learn to paint with watercolours

Jason bought me a beautiful watercolour painting set for Christmas and I’m going to practice. It’s a medium I’ve never worked with in any seriousness before, so I want to learn!

3) To be on The Amazing Race

Currently, they only take American citizens and residents. Hopefully this will change. I want to be on the race SO BADLY.

4) To finish my Euroventure scrapbook

I finally went and selected my favourite and best photos from my trip and printed them. Now for the fun part – stickers, glue, brads, and ribbons!

5) To ride an elephant

I might not get to do it this year, but I want to remind myself that I want to do this. So that I can plan my life accordingly to make this possible down the road.

6) To finish and present my jewelry projects

Sometimes I suck at finishing projects that I start. This is one of those. I want to definitely get around to actually having something to show for the copious amounts of beading stuff I have collected over the years.

7) To stop doing homework on Sundays

Because after work, I don’t want to study. I just want to have a date night.



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‘Twas a busy winter break full of festive cheer and A LOT of food (which makes for the best kind of holiday).

The boys who ruined Christmas (tree). And a huge roasted pig (not shown; credit to Mama Lee).

Too much of a good thing.

The waitress and I both agreed that the ebi mayo accompanying the prawns at Flying Tiger are the most delicious things on earth. Of course their roti dip and pulled duck wraps are really just as good. I think Flying Tiger has to be my favourite restaurant in Vancouver. Their mussels too are also just to die for.

A scrumptious dinner with sisters (followed by some intense pictionary.)

Apparently I can’t upload photos from Facebook for security reasons so I can’t post photos from FIJI Xmas dinner, which was one hell of a good time…

As was the Christmas dinner that mine and Jason’s family had together. That was the fateful night that I became addicted to the Fruit Ninja app.

(Aside: I heard that Plants vs. Zombies was the game app of the year – BOOYAH IT BEAT ANGRY BIRDS! I swear PvZ is so much more fun, challenging, and rewarding, not to mention the awesomeness of the legendary Michael Jackson zombie which once was and now will never be again.)

New Years Eve was interesting.
Location: Club Sio
Theme: CEO’s and… esteemed female office assistants
Attendees: still not too sure
Photos: I have none

And I am happy to announce that Benkei ramen on Broadway has introduced a new “curry ramen” to their menu and I absolutely love it. It’s like Jolly’s (Indian bistro on 4th) meets Japan. Mmmmm I think it’s tied with their miso ramen as the reigning noodle champion of this girl’s heart and stomach.