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2010 Favourites

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So here ends the first decade. This millennium has reached its preteen years!

Every blog I visit has one of these “end of the year favourites” posts. I love them but at the same time think these bloggers are just too busy living up the holiday deliriousness to create new content and are digging up oldies just to get through the last push of the year.

But in all honesty who can resist a chance to showcase the best of their year? I can’t.

HERE YOU ARE! IN PHOTOS! (This was hard. And I warn you, it is anything but brief.)

Condoms and things


City of Spires

The cold bites

Barcelona, other sites

Barcelona, architecture

We party hardy, drink Bacardi and other ridiculous rhymes

And now back to our regular programming!!

City, and colour

Don’t have Spring Break… but we still find reason to celebrate

Freetown Christiania

Sea Battle

St. Basil’s, The Kremlin, Folk Dancing

A hiccup in chronology

<< Rewind

[insert Andy Samberg’s favourite nautical exclamation here]

The bus

St. Pete’s, cont.


Live in London

I feel like Mrs Dalloway

Home is anywhere

The Swedish Sauna (really cold skinny dipping)

Every four years

We will rock you

City of LURVE


Keep your coins, we want CHANGE

Let’s begin with the End

This isn’t D&G; this is Dolce and Gabbana

Star-crossed lovers

Goonnndola, GONDOLA!

We no speak Italiano…

When in Rome

Cradle of Western Civilization

#1 Sunset?

Jewel of the Aegean

Once Constantinople…

So bazaar

We got more bounce in California than all y’all combined

Food, shopping, and baseball – this is America!


So that was my last year! Also the inaugural year of this blog.

Thank you for visiting and reading ❤

If you’re a regular reader, your visits are tremendously encouraging.

Here’s to the New Year!


Mermaid Theory: Serious Flaw

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According to Barney Stinson (of HIMYM notoriety), in the latest episode, “The Mermaid Theory” is…

“…how the myth of mermaids came to be. It was 300 years ago. Sailors stuck at sea would get desperate for female companionship. It got so bad that eventually the manatees out in the water started to look like beautiful women. Mermaids.

You see, every woman, no matter how initially repugnant, has a mermaid clock – the time it takes for you to realize you want to bone her.”

Interestingly, the statement only sticks when the “sailor” is “stuck at sea.”

Marshall, who is the faithful husband of a woman who is expecting to expect, is by no means “stuck at sea” if you get my drift. (Ahahahhaah! Pun fully intended!) It seems Marshall is, in truth, just mermad! (Again, I’m so full of laughs today!)

So how is he desperate for female companionship from his secretary or, God forbid, Robin? Hmm?

Think on that!

Mutual hypocrisy

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Jason and I. Oh, we are comedically hypocritical towards each other. And it’s looking bad for our wallets.

When it comes time again for the most wonderful time of the year (I’m referring to exam season of course), one can’t help but don on a pair of luxury exam goggles and click away online to complete lots of holiday shopping in between some holiday studying.

(Exam goggles, they make the dull look glittery and the splurgy price tags all suddenly very affordable.) was having a great big Christmas sale (and free international shipping!! This seriously only happens like once a year!) so I kept revisiting their website and now have 3 different packages from them coming my way.

(Some of my more-anticipated items include…)

While chastising me on my purchases when I should have my nose in my books, Jason was, of course, out and about purchasing, among other items, a Bape limited edition iPhone protector sticker. On which, I should mention, he spent almost half of what I spent at ASOS after tracking it down in some Japanese auction site after it was already sold out. It’s just a camo monkey bubble sticker to me, honestly.

This wasn’t an exam-goggle purchase. It was just a Jasonvision purchase.

He may also have guilted me about some new cosmetic additions. Notably the Maui/Palm Beach Multiple Duo that I have been dying to try but I hate visiting cosmetic counters because it makes me feel so under made up and I swear those floor girls judge you. (Not my darling friend, Michelle, of course, who worked at Sephora. She is too lovely for that.)

But in a spur of the I-just-finished-my-first-exam moment, he went out an got a Stussy oxford shirt yesterday. (I didn’t even know Stussy did oxfords?)

[Update: It was a Stussy x Bape oxford. Very limited. It’s already sold out now. No ape face on the shirt either. Apparently it’s quite nice.]

So I had to get this to make it even. 5 glosses in: Striptease, Orgasm, Harlow, Bloodwork, and Triple X.

To be fair, this last item is for gifts for friends. Although I think I may selfishly keep the Orgasm one. I have heard lovely things about that shade…

To make it up to each other, I think we will go on a nice date.

That’s it, no more extraneous spendings for me. Because I think I’ve already spent my next 4 paycheques – mind you, I don’t make very much every week.

And once the New Year rolls around, I will do a long post about my resolution. Fittingly, I know that it will involve not having to make any clothing/cosmetic store purchases. Stay tuned. I really do dislike store shopping, and I think my resolution is quite doable with a tad of commitment and just a dash of focused prioritizing.

“At least it’s over…”

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Ah, famous last words. My first final has passed with very little collateral damage!

Right now the entire house smells like butter because Jason is trying out a new “recipe” aka he has a hunch that it will taste good. Butter chicken with only butter… and chicken. Chicken marinated in butter, with some thyme, baked.

But in the midst of melting his butter (in an oven) it slipped off the plate and is now just chillin’ (but really, meltin’) in the bottom of his oven.

Just as I was typing that, the smoke detector went off. I promise am not making this up. He says it tastes delicious, so I believe him. Butter makes anything taste good.

I have a gift for you. Best Optical Illusion I Have Ever Seen. And I used to youtube optical illusions all the time in Info Tech 10 class so trust me, this one is good. I also just learned the physiology behind it in my biopsych class but I won’t bore you with the fascinating details.

The course has changed the way I perceive colour. And I know my blog is black, white, and red. But for those of you who are colourblind to red/green… it looks black, white, and grey. Sorry =(. My old blog actually lets the viewer choose the colour scheme of the page, but wordpress doesn’t support that kind of awesomeness as far as I know.

Two of my favourite things: colours, and polaroids.

This year I am hand painting my Christmas cards and they will all be underwater themed. I know this already because I have already bought my paint-by-numbers card-making set <3.

P.S. A beautiful tribute to Dobby, the house elf.